Lehman Center for Transportation Research at Florida International University

Towards a Holistic Understanding of Quality of Life: An Analysis of Activity-Travel Patterns on Non- Mid-week Day

  • Sponsor: USDOT through the STRIDE Regional University Transportation Center
  • Contact: Dr. Xia Jin, (305) 348-2825, xjin1@fiu.edu

  • The practice of travel-demand forecasting continues to place substantial (if not all) emphasis on travel during a typical workday, due to the focus on air quality conformity. As the understanding on travel behavior advances, it becomes clearer that a significant portion of our activities are not undertaken on a daily basis, but rather on a weekly basis, except for work/school activities.

    In collaboration with Dr. Sivaramakrishnan Srinivasan from University of Florida, this research will examine the activity-travel patterns for non-mid-week days (Friday through Monday) that are typically excluded by the state-of-practice planning methods. The focus is on exploring the maintenance- and discretionary- activity decisions (duration and time of day) as such episodes are not likely to be repeated every day.

    Data from two national-level surveys from multiple years will be used to examine differences in activity participation over the days of the week and the changes in these weekly patterns over the last decade. The study also examines whether analysis from the two different surveys (trip-based and time-use surveys) yield the same patterns. The empirical findings will help identify what aspects of travel patterns might be missed / under-emphasized by the state-of-the-practice focus on mid-week periods. Further, knowing which market segments have pronounced differences across the days of the week would be valuable in any local agency assessing their own need for weekend / shoulder-period travel-demand models (depending on the demographic composition of their own region). Preliminary insights can also be gained on how the structure of a demand-model system for non-mid-week days might be different from those of mid-week days.