Lehman Center for Transportation Research at Florida International University

Ramp Metering Feasibility Study on I-95 in Broward County

  • Sponsor: Florida Department of Transportation
  • Contact: Dr. Xia Jin, (305) 348-2825, xjin1@fiu.edu

  • Ramp metering has been successfully used as a freeway transportation management system tool around the country to reduce delays due to recurring congestion and improve safety. In an effort to improve traffic operations and safety along SR 9/I-95 in Broward County, this study investigates the feasibility of implementing ramp metering for Broward County’s I-95 corridor.

    As part of the AECOM team, LCTR is in charge of developing and calibrating traffic simulation models to examine the impacts of ramp metering on the traffic conditions in the corridor. Given pre-selected potential ramp metering locations, mainline I-95 and on-ramp operation analysis and adjacent arterial analysis will be conducted under current year as well as future year conditions. Performance measures, such as travel time, average speed, maximum delay, average queue, and maximum queue, etc. will be compiled and compared. Environmental analysis will also be conducted through comparing the amount of pollutant emissions and fuel consumption on mainline I-95 with and without the ramp metering operation