Lehman Center for Transportation Research at Florida International University

Exploring Potential Uses of ITS Communication Backbone for Civil Infrastructure Applications

  • Florida Department of Transportation, District 4
  • Contact: Dr. Nakin Suksawang, (305) 348-0110, suksawan@fiu.edu

  • Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) technologies provide real-time traffic information to travelers and help Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) manage its freeway systems more efficiently and effectively. FDOT District 4 (D4) is equipped with wireless infrastructure. Currently, only about 10% of the wireless bandwidth is being used for the transmission of ITS data. The remaining bandwidth can potentially be used to transmit data for other civil infrastructure applications. The purposes of this work task is to explore potential applications that could make use of the extra bandwidth to transmit data back to the Transportation Management Center (TMC) and assemble a summary table consisting of potential applications, the technologies involved, the amount of infrastructure in FDOT D4 that apply a technology that makes use of the bandwidth, and the associated cost. The table will allow FDOT to quickly identify potential applications and make informed decisions for their implementation.

    One possibility is the instrumentation of civil infrastructure. Currently, FDOT rely on often subjective visual inspection of its civil infrastructure. Furthermore, the inspections are only performed on a two-year cycle, and if an unexpected failure occurs between the two consecutive inspections, there is no correction measure that can be made to alleviate the problem. Thus, the integration of instrumentation with the ITS communication backbone will greatly benefit FDOT by assisting structure, maintenance, operation, and material engineers with real-time civil infrastructure data that help in the assessment of their resources for rehabilitating, repairing, planning, or replacing existing aging infrastructure as well as improving freeway safety. The purpose of this study is to explore potential uses of ITS communication backbone for civil infrastructure applications. The project will lead to a much safer, more reliable and more efficient future transportation system in state of Florida.