Lehman Center for Transportation Research at Florida International University

Development of Florida Transit Information System (FTIS) 2012

  • Sponsor: Florida Department of Transportation, Public Transit Office
  • Contact: Dr. Albert Gan, (305) 348-3116, gana@fiu.edu

  • Florida Transit Information System (FTIS) is a software suite developed to serve as a one-stop shop for transit planning information in Florida. The current version of FTIS includes three component programs:
    1. Integrated National Transit Database Analysis System (INTDAS), a database system designed for easy retrieval and analysis of multiple years of the National Transit Database (NTD),
    2. Florida Transit Geographic Information System (FTGIS), a standalone GIS system customized for transit planning for Florida's transit systems; and
    3. Automated Transit Stop Inventory Model (ATSIM), an automated data collection and analysis tool for transit stop inventories.

    All three components are freely accessible to the general public at www.ftis.org. While the system was developed mainly to serve Florida's transit community, it is also applicable to users from other states. In particular, the INTDAS component system of FTIS has been widely applied by users from across the country. These users include consultants working on TDP and New Starts projects, transit agencies performing peer comparison and trend analyses, researchers and educators conducting research projects and giving classroom assignments, students working on their theses and dissertations, and even reporters working on their transit related stories. In 2010, INTDAS was used as a platform for implementing a new transit benchmarking method that was developed as part of the Transit Research Cooperative Program (TCRP) Report 141. During the same year, INTDAS was recognized for a Joint FHWA/FTA Transportation Planning Excellence Award in the Modeling and Technology Applications category.

    The focus of this project is on the further development of mainly INTDAS, which was originally developed as desktop application. In 2005, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) decided to convert both programs to web applications to facilitate system updates and user access. The current version of INTDAS has become relatively complete in terms of functionality. As such, the focus of this project is on the update of existing databases and the incorporation of new additional data from the FTA, the Census, and other data sources. Specifically, this project aims to accomplish the following eight objectives:
    1. Updating INTDAS to include: (a) the 2010 National Transit Database (NTD) and modifying the database structure and interface to accommodate some more major changes to the 2010 NTD data, including two new forms, a new mode code, a new service type, and several minor changes in various forms; and (b) monthly NTD data as they become available throughout the year.
    2. Updating the 2009-2010 Excel spreadsheets for major variables.
    3. Incorporating the newly released safety and security (S&S) data and the urbanized area (UZA) data and modifying the existing INTDAS interface to retrieve and display these data.
    4. Implementing three specific improvements to the current INTDAS interface.
    5. Maintaining both INTDAS and FTGIS including fixing bugs, improving existing functions, and providing user supports.