Lehman Center for Transportation Research at Florida International University

Development of Software to Support ITS Data Visualization and Incident Alarms

  • Sponsor: Florida Department of Transportation
  • Contact: Dr. Mohammed Hadi, (305) 348-0092, hadim@fiu.edu

  • An important aspect of traffic management center operation is the visualization of system performance. This visualization is important at two levels. First, it is important that the dynamic changes in system conditions in space and time are displayed in a format that is useful and to Traffic Management Center (TMC) operators. Second, proper visualization of archived data will allow better use of this data in the planning for operations of TMC. These two levels, however, may require different types of visualization of system performance. A graphical presentation of the data that can be used off-line by system analyst for planning purposes may not be useful or acceptable for use in real-time by TMC operators.

    The objectives of this project is to develop software to allow the visualization of ITS data both on-line for real-time traffic management operations and off-line for planning for TMC operations purposes. In addition, this study will investigate methods to generate incident alarm alternatives to minimize the incident detection times and false alarms.