Lehman Center for Transportation Research at Florida International University

Technical Support to CUTR Projects

  • Sponsor: University of South Florida
  • Contact: Dr. Fabian Cevallos, (954) 234-4183, fabian.cevallos@fiu.edu

  • This contract is to assist CUTR in its efforts to provide technical assistance to the following transit agencies: VOTRAN in Volusia County, Palm Tran in Palm Beach County, and MDT in Miami-Dade County. Below are the descriptions of the projects for the individual agencies.
    • Palm Tran: Assist Palm Tran in developing and implementing a comprehensive ITS/APTS program that will be applicable for intelligent transportation systems in the US 1 / Federal Highway corridor. It includes assistance with the Preparation of a Recommended Request for Proposals (RFP), reviewing of Proposals, Evaluation and Recommendation for Award, and the development of ITS Data and Reporting Program Procedures and Corporate Database Recommendations.
    • VOTRAN: Support VOTRAN with their usage of Advanced Public Transportation Systems (APTS) technologies. This will include a review of APTS data sets, reports, and procedures. The main objective is to assist the agency with the establishment of an APC Program for Service Development, including recommendations for the collection, archiving, analysis, and report generation of APTS data.
    • MDT: Provide Miami-Dade Transit (MDT) support in improving operational efficiencies and overall system performance by researching, analyzing and assisting in the development and implementation of advanced public transportation systems and associated data management. The main objective is to assist Service Planning with 1) the usage of data from technology applications, 2) monitoring on-time performance from the CAD/AVL system, 3) the Development of a new Rail NTD Data Collection Process.