Lehman Center for Transportation Research at Florida International University

Case Studies and Standardization of Reporting Requirements for Specialized Transportation Services for Transportation-Disadvantaged Populations

  • Sponsor: Federal Transit Administration
  • Contact: Dario Gonzalez, (305) 349-1428, dario.gonzalez@fiu.edu
    or Dr. David Shen, (305) 348-1869, shenl@fiu.edu

  • Based on focus groups with practitioners sponsored by the National Consortium on Human Service Transportation Coordination, reporting requirements ranked among the top federal barriers to efficient and effective coordination. In particular, practitioners concerns centered on two separate issues. First, entities coordinating various transportation programs are required to report similar (though not standardized) data to various agencies. End results include increased administrative costs and excessive time and effort expended. Second, they were interested in developing a mechanism to collect transportation data by agencies that currently are not reporting any data on transportation services being funded. This data is important in order to evaluate program effectiveness and to determine whether coordinated transportation delivery strategies may offer opportunities for increased efficiency and improved access for program customers.

    The FIU Team investigated these issues in its 2004-05 contract with the FTA. FIU collected reporting requirements of 62 separate programs. While still incomplete, this effort did not confirm a large number of overlapping requirements. In fact, many programs collected no data. In addition, FIU specifically contacted two coordinating agencies in South Florida (Miami-Dade and St. John Counties), to examine what reporting requirements they face and how many agencies require data, whether generated federally, by the state, or by local contracting agencies.

    The current proposal would continue this work of examining local experience of entities coordinating several different funding streams providing transportation services. Additional case study work will be done across a representative sample of agencies that receive funding from various federal programs. From this information, the FIU Team will propose a standard format for reporting and data