Lehman Center for Transportation Research at Florida International University

Development of an Automated Bus Stop Data Collection and Analysis System

  • Sponsor: Florida Department of Transportation
  • Contact: Dr. Albert Gan, 305-348-3116, gana@fiu.edu

  • Bus stop inventory is needed for upgrading the right-of-way appearance, determining how well areas of interest are served by transit service, tracking the conditions of amenities, assessing the accessibility for disabled persons and ADA compliance, etc. The advent of Advanced Public Transportation System (APTS) makes it even more important for transit agencies to keep an up-to-date inventory of bus stop data. To implement APTS projects such as a computerized trip planner, automatic vehicle locators, and automatic voice annunciation systems, an accurate bus stop inventory is necessary. However, most transit agencies still do not have a bus stop inventory that can adequately support APTS applications, and many others do not have an inventory at all.

    The traditional methods of collecting bus stop inventory using clipboard, pencil, and paper are time-consuming, inaccurate, and difficult to update, culminating to the reluctance of transit agencies to commit resources to such effort. The accessibility of transit agencies to an automated, affordable system that facilitates the collection and update of bus stop inventory is of critical importance. The availability of such a system will also contribute directly to the standardization of bus stop inventory in Florida. Currently, bus stop inventories are developed separately by each transit agency and do not share the same data structure, attributes, accuracy, coordinate system, software platform, etc. A standard bus stop inventory will allow the FDOT to effectively develop customized tools that can be used by all agencies.

    This project will develop an automated system for the collection, application, and update of a standard bus stop inventory. Taking advantage of today's computing, imaging, and satellite technologies, the system will allow both attribute and imagery data to be entered or captured in the field and saved directly into a GIS database, thereby, eliminating the labor-intensive task of processing and recording data in office. The system will greatly facilitate the development of bus stop inventory databases and help to establish a uniform standard of bus stop data attributes for Florida's transit systems. In addition, this project will assist transit agencies in the acquisition and application of the automated system through product demonstrations and technical assistance.