Lehman Center for Transportation Research at Florida International University

SW 107 Avenue Transit Greenway Study

  • Sponsor: Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and the City of Sweetwater
  • Contact: Dr. Sylvan C. Jolibois, 305-348-3485, jolibois@eng.fiu.edu

  • This study requires the preparation of a conceptual master plan (CMP) for a transit greenway system within the City of Sweetwater and connecting to the Florida International University (FIU) facilities. This planning activity will address the transportation needs of the 107th Avenue corridor, with particular emphasis on the section that includes connections between the FIU campus northward to Flagler Street, and ranging from at least 105th Avenue to 111th Avenue, to provide for more efficient transportation and reduced traffic congestion along the corridor. The CMP will evaluate the feasibility of various transit concepts including, but not limited to, roadway improvements, transit greenways and other forms of mass transit. The City of Sweetwater desires to coordinate all future improvements to assure consideration of enhanced pedestrian, bicycle and transit elements, especially as they relate to linkages between FIU and the City of Sweetwater.

    The major objectives of this Study are to: establish a more pedestrian oriented, transit accessible transportation plan consistent with a walkable City of Sweetwater; coordinate infrastructure and development activities with FIU; and, provide a community environment for pedestrian, bicycle and transit movements.

    The project is funded by Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and the City of Sweetwater with a budget of $69,565.