Lehman Center for Transportation Research at Florida International University

Improving Warehousing and Distribution Process at Miami Dade Transit

  • Sponsor: Miami Dade Transit (MDT)
  • Contact: Dr. Sylvan C. Jolibois, 305-348-3485, jolibois@eng.fiu.edu

  • In Warehousing, a major cost element in the logistics is transportation cost and it is volume dependent. This also presents a framework and a classification of Warehouse design and control problems. The main objective is to determine the ordering of lot-size for each Warehouse so that the long-run average cost is minimized. It also illustrates potential benefits about reduced transportation, labor costs and service items.

    The primary objective of this research project is to develop a smooth and efficient logistics operation for locating, storing and distribution facilities in the multi-echelon environment of Miami.

    The project is funded by Miami Dade Transit (MDT) with a budget of $48,046, under the $250,000/year agreement between FIU/LCTR and MDT.