Lehman Center for Transportation Research at Florida International University

Interventions for Addressing Issues Relevant to Bus Maintenance and Repair at Miami Dade Transit

  • Sponsor: Miami Dade Transit (MDT)
  • Contact: Dr. Sylvan C. Jolibois, 305-348-3485, jolibois@eng.fiu.edu

  • The Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century (TEA-21) places a special emphasis on improving the safety and efficiency of transportation systems in general and public transportation in particular. The area of fleet maintenance has emerged as a critical focus of not only efficiency mechanisms but also of training/education of the workforce. Consequently, the proposed study is both necessary and timely and has the potential for contributing solutions to a national problem.

    The primary objective of this time/motion research project is to develop work time standards for bus maintenance operations at MDT. A series of general tasks are necessary in order to meet this objective. The items listed below are some of the critical, but not uniquely exclusive, tasks to be performed:
    1. Identification of most frequent repair jobs
    2. Identification of tasks and major subtasks required to perform job
    3. Identification of current time expanded on performing the jobs. The time to perform a maintenance job will include, down time, and actual work time.
    4. Determination of average time to perform tasks in various Transit organizations based on current practice.

    The project is funded by Miami Dade Transit (MDT) with a budget of $142,779, under the $250,000/year agreement between FIU/LCTR and MDT.