Lehman Center for Transportation Research at Florida International University

FSUTMS-CBT - Version 1.0

This CBT (computer-based training) was developed for the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Systems Planning Office for the FSUTMS/TRANPLAN "Basic Workshop". FSUTMS (Florida Standard Urban Transportation Modeling Structure) is the standard model used by Florida's urban areas for travel demand forecasting.

The CBT includes the following training sessions:

    Session 1: Introduction
    Session 2: Modeling Process
    Session 3: FSUTMS
    Session 4: VIPER
    Session 5: External Models
    Session 6: Trip Generation
    Session 7: Highway Network
    Session 8: Highway Path
    Session 9: Trip Distribution
    Session 10: Mode Split
    Session 11: Trip Assignment
    Session 12: Evaluation

The CBT was developed entirely on Macromedia Flash, complete with detailed text descriptions of FSUTMS modeling procedures and steps; hyperlinks for websites, emails, and definitions; video clips for demonstration of program steps; voice narration for text description; and quizzes and exercises with instant answer checking. For more information, please read me.

The CBT is available for download after user registration. Depending on internet traffic and your connection speed, the download may take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes. Connections through a modem will take many hours and is not recommended.

State of Florida, Department of Transportation
If you are from Florida, or currently have a working relationship with an agency or a firm in Florida, you may request to receive a CD version by mail. Please allow at least one week for shipping and handling.

To learn more about FSUTMS training workshops, please visit FDOT Systems Traffic Models.

Please contact Terrence Corkery or Albert Gan if you need more information.