Lehman Center for Transportation Research at Florida International University

Driving Simulation Lab

Sharing a commitment to advancing research and application of driver safety, FIU's Colleges of Engineering and Computing (COEC) and Nursing and Health Sciences (CNHS) and the Division of Research have collaborated to develop a premier center dedicated to driver safety, human factors, and related civil engineering projects, the only one of its kind in South Florida. With a centralized physical space for research, the ongoing interdisciplinary efforts of COEC, CNHS, and the Division of Research can help enhance the quality of transportation research. The Driving Simulation Lab builds upon the research conducted by FIU's Lehman Center for Transportation Research (LCTR).

Driving Simulation Lab Driving Simulation Lab Driving Simulation Lab

The driving simulator used by the Lehman Center is the STISIM Drive Model 300W with Car Conversion Kit. It is a high-fidelity driving simulator that interfaced with an actual automobile provides a realistic setting for innovative transportation-related research. The Interactive driving simulator has a 135-degree driver field-of-view and it is integrated with an active steering and pedal system. The driving simulator provides opportunities for more sophisticated transportation research to improve the safety and mobility of travelers.

Additionally, the Lab facilitates multidisciplinary efforts to address public safety, driving performance, driver behavior, transportation, vehicle technologies and their effect on driving, congestion, and individual and public safety. The focus of the Driving Simulation Lab at FIU is on interdisciplinary research on transportation and human factors to help improve safety, considering the interaction among the driver, vehicle and surrounding environment.

To use the driver simulation lab, please send an email with a date and time to driverlab@fiu.edu.

For more information about the Driving Simulation Lab, please contact:
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